Getting into the Groove – Week 4

Week four got very interesting I found myself looking forward to the exercise because of the opportunity to see if I could master the mind – controlling thought and being able to sustain this for a good length of time.  I also got a sense of belief in that what I was reading was starting to take root, like I could allow myself to believe in possibilities as far out as they maybe.  This week in particular the strangest things have been happening, things I wanted, nothing huge, or gave brief thought to miraculously appear in my reality effortlessly.  Thoughts really do become things!

I am starting to see how from first exercise and all proceeding ones are aimed to get you to control each part of your body taking it under your control instead of it leading you around with habitual thoughts and actions.  This would be the unconscious way of being where any change desired is more or less doomed.  Lack of awareness and not being actively self directed is some of what I have gotten from this week’s reading and the exercise.  You can easily drift and I have at times, yet when this happened I was able to come back to no thought, it got easier as the week progressed.  The little wins along the way helped in that I had results to keep me going.   I wonder if Week 4 exercise has a side benefit of obliterating fear?

As Charles Hannel explains succeeding in dismissing, and eliminating negative destructive thoughts, the seeds that germinate when we leave them to their own devises is key to creating the life we desire.  Though I don’t focus or bring negativity into my life, I am surrounded by it so do my best to go to a happy place inside to keep from being sucked into whatever is undesirable that day… This includes people.

I’ve also noticed I do not want to have dialogue with people who aren’t on the same path as I am, not yet anyway.  To explain The Master Key System to folk is work I’m not prepared to do at this stage.  Skepticism I can do without.

Putting other pieces together has forced me to go deeper within myself and to stay with it even when eeking out quality time is challenging.  I won’t give up.

The exercise for Week 4 felt like a mini spa break.  To keep out thoughts was permission to drop all the anxiety and worry and any issues I’d been carrying.  I’m looking forward to Week 5.


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