Finding My Way – Week 3


This week is about understanding where and how we recreate the reality we see around us.  We bring this into our lives sometimes unconsciously, sometimes consciously, out of habit.  Learning to still the mind and body this week to bring the conscious mind under control of where it leads subconscious and vice versa was surprisingly easy for me.  Alright, alright, for fifteen minutes it was easy.  Any longer and maybe my thoughts would have taken over, subconscious would have started to do its own thing, feeding me wrong information.  One reason for it being easy was I chose to close my eyes, to visualise a dock with a vast expanse of water, staying focused on the dock head.  It worked for me.
When you’re invited to write your dream, not to omit a thing, it is scary and exciting all at once.  I knew what I wanted to have in my life because I’d previously written a list.  Wording it is where I come a cropper, getting it just right is work but amazingly gratifying when you’re being guided along the way.  I’ve enjoyed making the suggested changes, the prompts for ideas I hadn’t entertained, and things I left out or forgot to give thought to.  Doing this makes me feel like my dreams will crystallise.  The reading of GS and MK and BB all strengthen the motivation and belief in self to go all the way with MKMMA.  I found a settling down of the anxiety I had at week one and 2.  Staying close to the community has made feel supported and part of a group who want great things to happen for all.  With Charles Haanel’s Master Key System, I’ve found that our thinking can be a friend or a foe, we get to decide what we bring into our lives by the thoughts we keep and continually entertain.  If our life is to change, it starts from the inside out.  The hardest part is changing the habit of being on autopilot with our thoughts.  Taking them captive not allowing them to wonder off to do their own thing.  This is where the exercises help.  You’re not just given explanations but also exercises to put this lessons teaching into practice, and practice you do.  Og’s Greatest Salesman is also an added tool to working on our thoughts.  Training your thought life with these are hard as much as it might seem easy, the grooves of habit are so well set in their ways, you have to be vigilant to not go the old ways.  At least I do.  This is good because as least it shows I’ve awareness and observing my habits in a new way.  This week has been a settling of sorts.


6 thoughts on “Finding My Way – Week 3

  1. It was a pleasure reading your blog. Sometimes I too found sitting still for 15 min possible and then other days, it was like there was something within me who was writhing like a fish out of water. Preparing my mind for the sitting for 15-20min, I have realised is always helpful.
    Thank you for your post.


    1. Thanks Naila. Yep, that sitting still is a challenge, though I seem to be getting it. When I really carve out the time, like making sure there’s going to be no interruptions, I seem to do much better, if however, I’ve got something to do, it can take over and I have to steady myself and be disciplined about my task. Thank you for giving me added insights and support.


  2. Enjoyed your blog. Learning to still the mind is such an important exercise. The SIT with the exercises from Haanel made a huge difference for me.


    1. Thanks Debbie. I’m getting good at sitting still. The mind is the wanderer, thinking a million and one things. As the weeks have gone on, I found my mind coming under my authority in that when it is time to do my exercises it will allow me the space to do without getting in the way. Only wish it would stop getting me distracted at other times! Need a cure for that.


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