All Aboard Week 1


What a culture shock this first week has been.  Yet I am beyond happy and excited to be a part of the Master Key Experience.  The journey nearly didn’t happen….again.  I found out about MKE a couple of years ago on one of those search for something, but not knowing what on the Internet.  I came across ‘The World’s laziest Networker’ videos and websites.  Something in the title piqued my interest, I suppose because ‘laziest networker’ felt like it had something to teach me about networking without it being difficult!  I signed up to his mailing list and received details of the MKE immediately.  Reading through the email, I felt I had to be a part of this and emailed to be placed on the ‘showing interest’ list for when the scholarship opened in September 2015…I missed it.  I did the same again in 2016.  This year the same pattern was nearly played out, only this time for some reason I checked my Spam folder and lo, an email from The World’s Laziest Networker about this year’s MKE!  Who checks their Spam Folder for no reason?!  I was amazed and a little smog I ‘caught’ it before the deadline.  Timing is truly everything.  From finding out I made it to this year’s MKE, I couldn’t wait for the first webinar to take place on Sunday, making sure the decks were cleared, no disturbing or distraction for me.  I was eager for the journey to begin.

The wonderful think about this experience is the opportunity for self discovery and finding out who you are.  Something I welcome, being able to get the support in a community of likeminded people just goes way beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before.  From the start of the orientation webinar you knew this was going to be different, and scary, but in a good way.  We were given a list of items we’d need for the journey (believe it is a journey!) and a prescription if you will of how we were to delve into the materials.  All daunting because my old way of being throws up questions like ‘how am I going to fit all this in’, ‘where does that this go’… whaaat??! Write a blog?!  All new and exciting stuff.  Stretching yourself isn’t easy but it will be worthwhile and rewarding. The daily readings aren’t challenging, but finding a rhythm to the routine is. We’ve been assured it will get easy and I’m sure it will with continuous applying of the steps and plugging into the community.  It is pretty much a back to school scenario and I love it.  My subconscious is having a difficult time with the new regime, there’s a new boss in town!

It’s a bit like wearing new shoes.  Unsteady and a little awkward at first, but given time will be natural and effortless.



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